HD Plus creations involves employees in a mid-year Business review 2019

After every first six months of a year our company holds a mid-year review that is attended by our employees both from studio plus and our main headquarters which is situated in Lilongwe area 47 sector 1.

This year we were looking at how we can improve our services to reach the demand that is continuously growing, although on several occasions we’ve talked about that and implemented some of those ideas before. It was a meeting about progress…customer satisfaction…financials…the rationale for where we’re heading and how we are going to get there.

Every single person in our company have creative mind and can be brilliant- whether their role is in videography, operations, marketing and administrations.

Openness: The more every employee in the company knows, the better they feel about their jobs- about their stake in HD PLUS CREATIONS and about the direction we’re heading.

As you would expect at a mid-year review, our C.E.O Gift Sukali , our Creative Director MR Golosi and Our Operations Manager Mr Steve Sukali   shared every element of our — projects, shortfalls  and gains. But in addition to that, every department was asked to share their objectives, what they have accomplished to date, and their key initiatives to close out the year.

Not only did employees both understand and appreciate this information, they asked questions that people hadn’t previously considered.

Our company instantly becomes accountable across the board. And that brings new ways to work:

  • We not only stay focused and on-track but it breaks down silos.
  • Everyone is in the loop, which empowers ideas.
  • Every employee understands the business case for decisions, which builds trust

It’s incredible to see an entire company come together on the shores of Lake Malawi. Analyzing our work so far during the year and strategizing, information and where we need to go

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