Despite the corona virus pandemic, the promise of shared entertainment experience from the comfort of a controlled and socially distant environment has driven HD Plus Creations into the revival of Drive-in Cinema. This is due to the pause of most events as such drive-in Cinema has been considered as the best way of offering the premiere of the Fatsani movie.

The premiering will be held at BICC on 30th of April from 6-8pm. In previous years’ drive-in movie Cinemas were only taking place in Western countries, but today with the current environment of social distancing, we thought the drive-in cinema is the way to deliver and make many you enjoy the cinema without coming into contact.

The drive-in has been considered as a revival because a car is a perfect isolation place for people, since families will visit the cinema while being contained within their own environment. This will be a simple way to entertain you outside your homes while remaining socially distanced.

But because this drive-in cinema will have 3 screens and limited amount of vehicles you need to book your tickets in advance in order to help us control the number of guests to attend.

The cinema will also have premium seating where by those who will buy a VIP ticket which is strictly for 2 people in a car, will park in a VIP front row. Upon entry to the arena, our staff will put a number on your car and guide you to the right directions of the parking rows. Depending on who you book with, you can buy a couple ticket at K30,000 which you can also come along with kids aged 12 and below, there’s also a Tiyeni ticket for additional guests which is going at K50,000 for 4 people in one car.

Staff will arrange vehicles so that smaller cars park in front, while larger ones will be parked at the back of the arena to stop them from blocking the view.

HD Plus Creations has thought to be as resourceful and innovative as ever by coming up with a new way of holding a Fatsani movie premiere which has been planned to avoid crowds. As the pandemic make people desire for normalcy, the drive-in cinema has been well thought out to be the best way to go.

The movie is about a young girl who lives with her grandmother is forced to sell food items in the streets for survival after her school is closed due to sanitation issues and corruption. She struggles and suffers various forms of abuse from the ones who are supposed to protect her. HD Plus Creations started shooting the movie in Malawi in October 2019 and a cast list of 300 people were involved.

written by Annie Nyirenda

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