Guest Blog :Madalitso Khumuwa experiences at HD Plus Creations.

My name is Madalitso Khumuwa, I am a student at African Bible College (ABC), pursuing a degree in Mass Communication. Currently, now I’m doing internship at HD Plus Creations, a Malawian-based videography and advertising agency that specializes in producing creative audiovisual content for non-governmental organizations, corporations and individuals, and the company has achievements on video production recognized globally.

From the day I started internships, I have learned a lot of things. Talking about marketing strategies, concept creation, writing scripts, video editing, graphic designing and many more. Going into details, I once attended a marketing department meeting where I was able to share my ideas with the team, and I also heard from most important things about marketing. Most times I’m given an assignment to develop concepts, and I’m now able to do. I am also helping in editing a music videos, as well as designing artworks for the Marketing team.

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At HD Plus Creations, there are people with more knowledge in things they do. When I see how the editors, graphic designers, and visual effects creators do their work, I am challenged and encouraged to push so that I can be able to know more just as they do.  Every day I’m learning something new, and when I knock off from work, I go home and practice what I’m  learning.

some members of HD Plus Creations

Another advantage to my best experiences working at HD Plus Creations is that most people working at the company are the youth, because of this, I find it easier to communicate to them and share my ideas.  I addition, everyone is open to new ideas from interns, I remember one day I was in a meeting with the operations director, Mr. Stevie Sukali, and he told me that they are ready to learn from interns, and that they are ready to teach us their skills.

It’s not only the people at the company who are good, but the working environment is good as well. Offices at HD Plus Creations are clean and there is enough security at the office premises. I am indicating this because I have the privilege to use my mother’s car when going to work and I do not worry if the car is safe or not because I know there is enough security.  So, when I am at the office, I only concentrate on my work instead of being worried about safety at the office.

Welfare at HD Plus Creations is uncompromised, lunch is provided to everyone and national holidays are followed as we are allowed to have day offs. And when there is an opportunity to go to the field to shoot a videos and learn.


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