HD Plus Creations engages employees in Mid Year Business review 2022

After every first six months of a year our company holds a mid-year review that is attended by our employees both from our subsidiary Studio Plus and our main headquarters which is situated in Lilongwe area 47 sector 1.

This year we were looking at how we can improve our services to reach the demand that is continuously growing and how we can digitalize our services to meet the ever growing digitalization, on several occasions we’ve had meetings about that and implemented some of the ideas before.

Operations Director Mr Stevie Sukali addressing the gathering
Creative Director Mr Hastings Golosi focusing on timely delivery

The meeting also dwelled much on long terms plans the board is putting in place, The more every employee in the company knows, the better they feel about their job, their stake in HD PLUS CREATIONS and the direction we’re heading to. Each single individual in our company have creative intellect in the roles and contributions they play towards goals and values of the company

Projects Manager Sam Kabambe addressing the meeting

This year’s mid-year review, our C.E.O Gift Sukali, our Creative Director MR Golosi and Our Operations Manager Mr Steve Sukali, Projects Manager Sam Kabambe shared every element of our — projects, shortfalls and gains while stressing much on post Covid-19 project handling, new ways of client retention, quality check and customer satisfaction.

It is amazing to see our company come together, analyze our work during the mid-year and strategize for the future.

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