People mostly create something to leave a legacy and to be remembered in the world for doing something great. Gilbert Moyo got more than he bargained for when he delivered the script for Apongozi TV Series. The seasoned writer together with his associates from “The Screen Writers Guild”, a group of creative scriptwriters, created a story that has easily been accepted by the viewing audience and creative sector. An act that will not only see him become a household name but will also put Malawi on the map in the movie industry.


The series depicts the Malawian cultural practice of Chikamwini, and it has won hearts as it continues to get positive feedback from the audience. Moyo commented that he is very proud of the series since they put so much effort to give it life.

Gilbert Moyo (Right) and fellow screen writer (Left)

“It was not easy to come up with Apongozi, my team and I worked hard to write the Apongozi scripts and I am proud we did a good job”. He continued to say that his ultimate intent was to make something spectacular that will have the essence of drama, comedy and Malawian culture for this to come to life. They had to be creative in coming up with something interesting that will make the audience and Malawians proud to call their own.


“Our goal was to make something that will make Malawians want more, we had to be very creative and unique from creating the characters to giving them a story to tell”. 

He concluded by saying that they are happy to achieve their goal of writing something that has had so much positive feedback from its viewers and has given them the motivation to create more content for the Malawian audience. The Apongozi TV series was produced by HD Plus Creations and is broadcast on Zodiak TV and Zodiak Online every Sunday at 8 pm with the season 1 finale airing on 5th February 2023.


Written by Kensomah Magombo

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