Series Set To Premiere

HD Plus Creations would like to inform the general public that it will premiere Apongozi television series on the 2nd December this year 2022. Apongozi television series season 1 is a dedication to the celebrated icon Late Maria Chidzanja Nkhoma who plays the lead role in Season 1.

As producers, we are focused on ensuring that the series will be available to all audiences especially our local Malawian audience.

However, we would like to highlight that there are pending agreements from local content distributors that will be broadcasting the series and announcements will be made once these agreements are finalized.

On the same note, we would urge organizations and individuals that would like to support this initiative to make contact with HD Plus Creations through our marketing & communications department.


Phone: +265 212 266 976 & +265 998 172 373


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